Welcome To Your Life Coach Certification Course!


Important Keys To Remember


Your Training Has Already Begun

It’s time to get into action now. Do not wait until our live 3-day training.
Set up a work station in your home for your life coaching
Download the Action Steps PDF and print it. Begin doing the steps.
Schedule a regular weekly time to work on your life coaching


Choose 3 Topics

These are areas you are passionate about or groups of people you want to help.
These can be ‘self-help’ type topics
You don’t need to be an expert in any topic, just interested or passionate about it
Or groups of people like youths, small business owners, women over 40, etc.


Begin Delving Into Your 3 Topics

Learn and improve your knowledge in each area.
Buy some books on each one. Keep notes of your insights.
Start collecting information online on each of your topics or groups


Enjoy working on your new full-time or part-time career as a life coach.
Remember, the most important thing now is to take action each and every week and to enjoy the process.

See you at our LIVE 3-day training soon!


Alexander Van Buren

PS:  Here’s a very important question and answer for you to consider:

Question: What’s the single most valuable thing you can do to ensure your success as a coach?
Answer: Get into a coaching program, and start receiving coaching on a regular basis.
If you want to BE a coach, it’s important that you have some experience BEING coached.
NOTHING will do more for your success than this. In fact, nothing even comes close.

I personally do coaching, with MY coach, every single week. And I have done so FOR YEARS.
What more can I say?

Being coached on a regular basis, over time, is the single greatest catalyst for creating your dream career and lifestyle.

Here is an affordable way to receive coaching from me on a regular basis.
Learn about my coaching program especially for life coaches.