Become A Better Communicator – A Virtual Seminar on Feb. 22, 1pm-4pm CST


Become A Better Communicator – LIVE 3-Hour Virtual Seminar. 

A dynamic and interactive LIVE virtual training delivered by our expert trainer on Zoom. It includes a complete curriculum, Q and A with your instructor, and application to your real-world events and challenges.


This 3-hour virtual seminar is delivered on Zoom in a LIVE online setting.
It is from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM CST on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022.

We will send you a Zoom invitation via email.
We will take a 10-minute break around  2:30 PM.
Ask questions and take part in the discussion with your instructor.
You save $200 on this special discounted tuition.
Curriculum, Q and A, examples & direct applications are all included.

This training is delivered by Skill Builder Seminars LLC. We have more than 21 years of experience in the training and development industry. With more than 2700 hand-picked trainers and presenters on our team, we offer state-of-the-art seminars on more than 70 topics. Our clients include Toshiba, Safelite Autoglass, Humana, The Army Corps of Engineers, The Stanford Executive Program, and many more.

Improve Your Professional Image, Enjoy Better Relationships at Work, AND in your Personal Life, Deal More Effectively with Difficult People and Increase Your Leadership & Career Potential


1. Improve Your Career Success

Interpersonal communication skills will increase your potential for being recognized and promoted.

This single skill set is becoming more and more important to companies because they see their workforces becoming more diverse and cross-functional.

Being able to work well with others and communicate effectively are now PREMIUM skills when hiring and promoting people.


2. Become a Better Leader & Manager

Good leaders are better communicators. This communication skills seminar will show you how to get things done through others – one of the most important qualities all good leaders and managers possess.

You’ll discover specific ways to get people enrolled in projects and important outcomes and know exactly what to say to motivate them to do what needs to be done.


3. Enjoy Better Relationships

Improved communication skills can transform your business and personal relationships overnight!

Strong and healthy relationships are based on understanding, trust, and cooperation.

We’ll show you how to raise the quality of your interactions with everyone you are in a relationship with – at work, and in your personal life too.

4. Improve All Your Email Communications

Communicating via email is a constant challenge.

This module will teach you how to improve all your email communications, and how to organize and manage your emails so you are more effective than ever before.

You’ll also discover new ways to get prompt responses when you need them, eliminate email clutter and much more.

  Minimize unnecessary copying

  Get prompt responses from others more often

  How to organize your emails better

  How to stop spending too much time on your emails

  3 ways to get information you need faster via email


5. Have More Influence

One of the marks of a good manager and leader is the ability to get things done through others.

This module will show you how to make your ideas and suggestions more compelling to others so they WANT to do what needs to be done.

This is one of the single, most important skills good leaders and manager must possess.

  How to build elegance into all of your communications

  How to get others to take action

  Learn which patterns work with each person

  3 ways to be more concise

  Persuasion techniques that naturally win others over

  Assert yourself and your message without alienating

  How to get your point across more easily at meetings


6. Handle Communication Challenges

This communication skills seminar includes a module for learning how to deal effectively with difficult personality types and many of the most common communicating difficulties we all face.

You’ll learn specific techniques for minimizing interruptions, bringing people back on topic, clarifying understanding, and minimizing confusion.

Several techniques are included for dealing with difficult people and abrasive communication styles.

  •   Ways to respectfully minimize interruptions
  •   How to deal with difficult personality types
  •   How to handle confrontations
  •   How to respond to insults, intimidation, disrespect
  •   The secret to avoiding stand offs and stalemates
  •   Negotiation frames for resolving conflicts
  •   The BEST way to handle passive aggressive types


What People Say

“I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance. This communication skills seminar has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients.”
Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor
Bosley Medical Group

“The communication segment was “Wow”! The communication patterning will help me become a besalespersonerson and manager. These patterns will help me economize the interaction between our people and clients. I will use all the information. My USP will become effective immediately!”
Pat Miller, Sinclair Broadcasting
The CW Dallas & My LV TV


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