Fast Track To Pro


12 Skills (Mini-Projects) Are Required to become a paid public speaker. In this set of coaching sessions, you will learn ALL 12 SKILLS In A Career-Making Success Package. 

This is the “Fast Track To Pro”

All phone coaching or Zoom sessions are 1-hour long and can be scheduled at our mutual convenience. All sessions are with Alexander Van Buren. You can go at your own pace and complete each step when it works best for you. All coaching sessions must be completed within 18 months.

Each 1-Hour Phone Coaching or Zoom Session Includes

  • Optional handouts
  • Suggested action steps and follow-up steps
  • An optional email exchange
  • PLUS some special surprise BONUSES

Please consider scheduling a complimentary phone consultation with Alexander to make sure this path is right for you. 


The Fast Track To Pro

is for speakers who already know how to present, and want to begin getting PAID to speak. It is a professional speaker’s Career Making Success Package.

You get All 12 Skills in twelve 1-hour coaching sessions with Alexander Van Buren.

The 12 Skills/Projects Are:
1. Choose your topics and position yourself for success
2. Make your marketing materials. (Bio, Topic Descriptions, Photo, 1-Sheet, Price Sheet, Etc.)
3. Design your signature speech & rehearse it
4. Learn how to close bookings over the phone
5. Get free speaking gigs
6. Make your demo video
7. Create your speaker’s website
8. Acquire the traits of the most successful speakers
9. Learn how to set your speaking fee and raise it
10. Generate lots of paid speaking leads and opportunities
11. Automate and leverage out of the marketing
12. How to approach, build relationships with and work with  multiple Speakers Bureaus


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