Masterful Presentation Skills


A complete coaching package for becoming a world-class presenter. 

Twelve 1-hour phone coaching sessions plus an email after each session. Videos of your presentations may be reviewed by Alexander to help fine-tune your presentation skills. 

All sessions will be customized for you and your speaking needs.

See some of the modules below.



Masterful Presentation Skills 

Business Speaker Coaching Package

For: Professionals who want to become world-class speakers. 

12 one-hour phone coaching sessions, handouts, assignments, and an email follow-up after each session. Video reviews of some of your presentations are included. 

This package may include modules on the following: 

  How to Get a Standing Ovation Every Time
  Doing Exceptional Research On Your Audience
  How to Create a Strong Emotional Response in Any Audience
  Constructing A Training Or Speech
  Be Extremely Confidence Every Time You Give A Speech
  How to Make Event Planners RAVE About You
  How To Lead a Q and A Session
  Voice Training For Appealing Pitch, Resonance, And Enunciation
  How To Make People Remember Your Talk For Years Afterwords
  How to Tell Stories That Captivate, Entertain, And Teach
  How to Stay Resilient While Traveling a Lot & Speaking A Lot
  Advanced Presentation Skills, Timing, & Being Interesting
  How To Use PowerPoint Effectively
  Being an Effective Emcee or Facilitator
  Positioning Yourself So You Are Preeminent
  Getting Lots Of Audience Interaction
  Over Deliver and Create That ‘Wow” Effect
  Video Review Of Your Speeches

Instructor: Alexander Van Buren
Alexander is the president of The Alexander Speakers Bureau. He’s modeled hundreds of the highest-paid and most successful speakers. Alexander has received 21 standing ovations in a single week. Several of his students now receive standing ovations when they present. 


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