NLP Life Coaching Courses

NLP Life Coaching Courses are a unique kind of life coach training. They are different from most

They are based on NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming.

This makes them quite different from all other life coaching programs.

This blog post will give you some insights into these types of courses and explain:


  • The benefits and advantages of NLP life coaching courses
  • What NLP is – Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • NLP is effective in 5 main areas
  • Tips For Finding the right coaching course for you
  • Why being certified is a good idea
  • About Our NLP Life Coaching Courses
  • An NLP Based Life Coach Certification Curriculum


The Benefits of NLP Life Coaching Courses

NLP Life Coaching Courses are based on NLP, i.e. Neuro-linguistic Programming.

For this reason, they have several important advantages over any other type of life coaching training available.

First, and most importantly, the NLP coaching model will teach you a truly therapeutic coaching process. Because it is based in NLP it contains aspects that are not included in standard coaching processes.

As an example, our NLP life coaching courses ecology, future pacing, special language patterns for facilitating change, and numerous therapeutic interventions.

NLP contains a process called ecology. It’s a way to ensure that any change you make doesn’t cause any problems in some other area of a person’s life. Many coaches out there are doing un-ecological work and they don’t even know it. They create more problems than they solve because they never learned how to do holistic coaching that is ecological.

Secondary Gain
Secondary gain is one of the primary reasons people don’t get what they want. Knowing how to recognize it and deal with it is one of the skills of good NLP Life Coach Certification courses.

Secondary gain is the specific benefit someone gets from a problem. They won’t give up the problem because if they do, they also lose the benefit. An example of secondary gain is the feeling of relaxation someone gets from smoking. If you take away their smoking, you also take away their way to relax. Then they may EAT to relax, and so they have a potentially worse problem than smoking.

Future pacing
Future pacing is a way to install any resource into a person’s timeline, so it is there for them precisely when and where they need it. This makes change permanent and automatic.

Language patterns
NLP is a very sophisticated linguistic model. It contains two separate sub-models: the Meta-Model – which is used for gathering information, and the Milton Model, which is a way to use language to influence and access the subconscious mind.

Therapeutic interventions
NLP is famous for its numerous interventions. There are hundreds of them. They are amazing ways to remove phobias, increase self-esteem, etc.

If you’re new to life coach certification, it’s important that you know that many life coach certification trainings out there today are dumbed down questioning processes with some personal development techniques thrown in. And they call it life coaching.

NLP is a proven model for achieving rapid and lasting change. It’s been around for about 40 years and has stood the test of time. Most other coaching processes don’t even come close to that.


What Is NLP Life Coaching? 

what is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming. It has been defined in many ways.

NLP is a way to be at your best more often. NLP is a special set of skills that, once learned, allow anyone to tap more of their inherent potential on a regular basis. NLP is the study and utilization of the structure of human experience.  NLP is the ability to model human excellence with precision and skill.

NLP is now practiced in over 100 countries, it appeals to a wide range of professionals including real estate agents, attorneys, entrepreneurs, educators, executives & therapists.

Most importantly, NLP is the change technology of our time and an essential skill for any life coach.

NLP Life Coaching is any life coaching process that utilizes the NLP model. It is much more therapeutic than other coaching processes.


NLP Life Coaching is Especially Effective in 5 Areas

Personal Growth and Transformation
The many patterns and techniques of NLP are a veritable gold mine of valuable tools for personal development including strategies for effective decision making, motivation, learning, creativity, and ongoing improvement.

Themes like values, unification, and internal communication are included, plus numerous ways to stay focused upon and attain your goals.NLP includes specific techniques for accessing your most resourceful emotions and minimizing the destructive effect of negative patterns and cycles.

Therapeutic Applications & Healing
Therapists and healers from many traditions experience more effectiveness with their clients by applying the basic concepts of NLP. NLP is famous for its numerous therapeutic interventions.

These interventions include The Fast Phobia Procedure, The Outcome Frame, Re-imprinting, Changing Personal History, Future Pacing, Belief Change Methods, Identity Expansion, and specific (modeled) strategies for mental and physical health.

Relationships & Communication
People in all walks of life credit NLP for helping them have better relationships.

Specific techniques for increasing rapport, resolving inner and outer conflicts, communicating more effectively, win/win negotiating, and a host of other methods will allow you to experience a new level of satisfaction with family, friends, and colleagues in addition to having better relationships with yourself.

Improving and Developing Skills
From athletic performance to motivation to public relations, NLP includes a number of generative skills that, when learned and developed, result in the ability to develop virtually any capability more quickly.

Achieving Extraordinary (Peak) Performance
Since anything anyone can do, in any field of human endeavor, can be modeled using NLP, an entire range of extraordinary skills may be acquired with uncanny accuracy.

Practitioners of NLP soon find themselves achieving things that were previously difficult, if not seemingly impossible before.


Which is The Right NLP Coaching Course For You?

Here are some things to consider when choosing NLP Life Coaching Courses

  1. LiVE or Online? Both can work. Which one is best for you?
  2. Avoid courses that have just ‘added some NLP’ to make it look better. Instead, get one BASED in NLP.
  3. Look for impressive testimonials from past attendees. Any good course will have several of them.
  4. Look at the curriculum – it will tell you a lot. If they won’t show you their curriculum, don’t take their training.
  5. Look at the experience of the instructor.
  6. Is it right for you? Invest a little more and get a LOT more. Never go cheap as this is a career training and you get what you pay for. On the other hand, some institutes are over-charging and claiming to be the end-all, be-all standard of life coaching. Focus on getting solid skills that you can use in your own life, and for helping others.


Why Being Certified is a Good Idea

One reason to be certified is that in a certification course, you will generally get a more comprehensive set of skills.

Certification courses typically include a more extensive training manual. For example, ours is 100 pages long with quizzes, patterns, specific language to use, and step-by-step interventions.

The most important reason to be certified is to get a truly effective set of coaching skills.

Also, you get a certain amount of credibility when you can say you are a Certified Life Coach.



An NLP Based Life Coaching Course Curriculum

Here’s an overview of our 3-day NLP Life Coaching Course Curriculum

This will give you an idea of a genuine NLP-based Life Coach Certification training.

Coaching, Rapport & Outcomes

On day one you will learn:

  • The Complete 7 Step Coaching Process™
  • Advanced NLP rapport techniques
  • NLP Technique: Using Presuppositions
  • State management for optimum coaching
  • Patterns for tracking unconscious blocks
  • The language that triggers resourcefulness
  • How to shift clients out of unpleasant emotions
  • The Outcome Frame for creating clarity and focus
  • Techniques for keeping a client resourceful
  • Shape goals so they’re more likely to be achieved
  • Exercises: Several exercises

Exercises: The Circle of Resourcefulness, Presuppositions, Outcomes

Ecology and Resources
This module will teach you ways to make all your coaching holistic and to help your clients gain access to resources on multiple levels.

On day two you will learn:

  • NLP Technique: The Ecology Process for creating holistic change
  • The Leverage Frame™ – get others motivated to change and take action
  • Advanced questioning for eliciting resources
  • NLP Technique: Eliciting Resource States
  • NLP Technique: The New Action Generator
  • Questions for identifying the underlying issue
  • Language patterns for accessing unconscious resources
  • How to recognize and eliminate ‘secondary gain’

Exercises: Several exercises, Coaching, Resource Generation
Demonstrations: Several

Generative Change That Lasts
This module of your life coach certification online will show you how to make your change work generative (evolving and improving into the future) so that the changes you help your clients make last permanently.

On day three you will learn:

  • NLP Technique: Future Pacing to make positive changes last
  • Patterns for generative change
  • The Levels of Change™ resources template
  • Handling problems and difficult issues
  • Practice complete coaching sessions with others
  1. How To Set Up Your New Business
  2. Success Tips – How To Work With Clients Effectively

How to access the online membership site – you get LIFETIME ACCESS.

Exercises: Future pacing, Complete Coaching Sessions With Fellow Participants
Demonstrations: Several


Our NLP Life Coaching Courses

Our NLP Life Coaching Courses include five separate trainings plus a special NLP coaching program.

  1. Life coach Certification Training – LIVE 3-day
  2. Life Coach Certification Training – Entirely Online
  3. The NLP Practitioner Certification Training
  4. Six-Figure Phone Coaching
  5. The Ideal client matrix

Plus an NLP-based Quantum Leap Coaching with Alexander Van Buren


Life Coach Certification Training – LIVE 3-day

NLP Life Coaching Courses

This is the foundation of our NLP Life Coaching courses. This program has been running for 21 years and has changed thousands of people’s lives.

It consists of a 3-day live event, at which you will learn a special 7-step NLP-based coaching process.

Then over the next 12 weeks, you’ll do a dozen coaching sessions with friends or colleagues to practice what you’ve learned.

Once you’ve completed your 12 coaching sessions for others, your skill and confidence will surprise even you.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Life Coach Certification Training ->


Life Coach Certification Training – Entirely Online

NLP Life Coach Certification Online

This is one of our most popular NLP Life Coaching Courses.

We’ve recorded the 3-day LIVE event for you. All you have to do is listen to the LIVE training on audio, do the exercises with a friend, and you’ll learn the entire 7-step coaching process rapidly.

Several of our students who completed the entire course online have become highly skilled and successful coaches.

Doing your Life Coach Certification entirely online has several advantages over LIVE training.

  • You can go at your own pace and take your time.
  • Spaced repetition. You can come back to it at regular intervals and so build skill over time.
  • It’s about 1/3 the cost – so it can save you quite a bit of money.

Click Here to learn more about our ONLINE Life Coach Certification Training ->


The NLP Practitioner Certification Training

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

This is a classic NLP Practitioner Certification Training online.It will teach you the 12 core skills of NLP so you can “generate NLP”.

That means you can use them at any time, in any situation to be especially resourceful.

This is a state-of-the-art course in personal resourcefulness. It generally takes 4-6 months to complete. This training includes the complete NLP coaching model and process and will make you an advanced coach.  It includes multiple therapeutic interventions, assignments, and an extensive course manual.

This training is much more extensive than any Life Coach Certification course. For this reason, it is also about twice the price.

Click Here to learn more about our NLP Practitioner Certification Training online -> 


Six-Figure Phone Coaching Course

Six Figure Phone Coaching CourseThis online course is complete training for how to do coaching over the phone or online, and build a six-figure a year income doing it. It contains extensive online and offline marketing techniques for building a thriving coaching business.

All the marketing techniques in the course are LOW cost and NO cost methods.

If you want the location freedom that comes from coaching people online or over the phone, this course is for you.

Learn more about Six Figure Phone Coaching -> This program is currently only available to our coaching students.

Please check our website home page for updates -> 


The Ideal Client Matrix Course

NLP based life coaching coursesHow would you like to have dream clients?
Of all the things that make coaching fun, it is having amazing clients that you love to work with.

But attracting them and keeping them is the challenge.

This mini-online course will teach you a complete system for attracting and keeping your dream clients. They will pay you more, respect you a lot, treat you better, and appreciate you in ways you can’t imagine.

Click Here to learn more about the Ideal Client Matrix course -> Currently available for our life coach students only.
Please check our home page for updates -> 


NLP Based Quantum Leap Coaching

NLP based Quantum Leap Coaching How would you like to work with an NLP coach on a weekly basis?

Consistent NLP coaching is unlike any other kind of business or personal development coaching.

Our weekly online coaching program is called Quantum Leap Coaching™. It’s a way for you to get NLP coaching on a weekly basis and work with an experienced NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer to overcome personal limitations and attain breakthroughs and begin living at an entirely new level of effectiveness.

Alexander Van Buren is the coach and he will help you uplevel your ‘map of the world’ as you identify the patterns, beliefs, presuppositions, that are holding you back from living the life you dream of.

Alexander uses a proprietary NLP-based coaching process along with optimum patterns he has behaviorally modeled using NLP for more than 25 years.

Click here to learn more about NLP based Quantum Leap Coaching -> 



NLP Life Coaching Courses will give you a highly effective coaching process that is far beyond what most life coaches learn. This will empower you to create amazing and rapid change for your coaching clients. 

NLP is a highly effective and proven model for creating rapid and lasting change. It includes elements that are not in ‘standard’ life coach training like ecology, secondary gain, and future pacing. 

The NLP model includes hundreds of therapeutic interventions. 

NLP will teach you to use language masterfully. 

It’s a good idea to take a certification course because they tend to be more comprehensive and include complete training manuals. 

We offer 5 NLP-based coaching-related trainings and a special weekly NLP online coaching program. 


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