About Our Ambassador Referral Program


Start Telling People About Our Trainings and Programs . . . 

And You Can Begin Making THOUSANDS of Dollars A Month!

How It Works

All you have to do is tell people about our Life Coach Certification training or other courses & products. (See the list below)  

Tell them on your social media accounts.
Tell them in an email.
Tell them in a blog post.
Or tell them in person.

We will give you your own unique Ambassador #. Be sure to include that in your messages to them. They get a special BONUS for using it when they sign up. 

When they do sign up, you receive 15% of any paid tuition that we receive.

The BONUS they get is – 1 month of VIP Coaching for FREE -> that’s a $197 Value.  

15% is SERIOUS money.
For Example: On our Life Coach Certification Training LIVE, which is $2497, you would receive $374.55 per sign-up.

Even at the DISCOUNT tuition of $1497, you would receive $224.55 per sign-up.

If just a few people start signing up using your Ambassador #, you can begin making hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month.  All with no selling. Just tell them about it, and include the link to our sales/enrollment page. That’s all. 


How Much Can You Make?

You can start making hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month by simply telling people about these programs (and providing them with your Ambassador #.)

You receive 15% on any and all of our products & trainings. You’re paid on any amount we receive under your ambassador #. 

The key is to start putting the word regularly. That is what will begin a stream of money into your bank account every month. And you’ll be helping people become life coaches and get the positive change they need. 


Our Courses & Programs

Here are the courses and programs to tell people about  – using your Ambassador #. 

Life Coach Certifications LIVE 3-Day Event – Now in 15 US cities
life coach certification training

Tuition: $2497.
You make -> 374.55 per sign up

Early Bird Tuition: $1497.
You make -> $224.55 per sign up



Life Coach Certification Online
Life Coach Certification Online

Tuition: $1497.
You make -> $224.55 per sign up

Discount Tuition: $997.
You make -> $149.55 per sign up



Fast Track VIP Coaching

Regular Tuition: $297 a month
You make-> $44.55 a month per sign up

Discount Tuition: $197 a month
You make -> $29.55 per month per sign up

This is monthly continuity income that comes in for 6 months once someone signs up. 


Six-Figure Phone Coaching
marketing for life coaches


Regular tuition: $3497.
You make $524.55 per sign up




The Ideal Client Matrix
Get coaching clients

The regular price for this mini-course is $497.
You make $74.55 per sign-up.

The discount tuition is $397.
You make 59.55 per sign-up.




We’ll Help You Make It Easy To Do

We will provide you with email templates you can forward to friends or use as a guide for posting on your social media (remember to insert your Ambassador # in the template)
this makes it easy.

We’ll email you information about each of the products and courses above so you can forward it to people you think can most benefit from them and earn commissions. 

We’ll also email you with additional templates and ways to get the message out to people.


How To Join

If we haven’t already emailed you your own unique Ambassador #, please email us at Alex@LifeCoachAlexander.com and ask for your Ambassador #.