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The single best way to ensure your success in this course. 


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The FAST TRACK VIP Coaching for Coaches program is the single best way to ensure your success in this course. The reason is that momentum is the biggest reason people fail at online courses, including this one.

It’s vital that you keep showing up, keep doing your assignments, and stay in action.

That’s where FAST TRACK VIP Coaching for Coaches comes in: 

  • Every week we do a LIVE group coaching session online
  • Receive motivation, inspiration and creative ideas
  • Be a part of an online community of committed coaches
  • Have a coach and so be congruent when you expect others to hire you as a coach
  • Ask questions, get answers, get unstuck
  • Get through the course FASTER and learn more from regularly working with your coach
  • Get advanced tips on every facet of coaching, marketing, and running your business
  • Receive special trainings on a variety of related coaching topics

The result is that you will find it much easier to be motivated and to stay in action and momentum.  And that makes all the difference.


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