Life Coach Training Institute

The main offices of Our Life Coach Training Institute are located in Southlake Texas.

We are a Life Coach Training Institute based in Dallas, Texas.

The services we offer are:

  • Life Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Business and Executive Coaching
  • Training and Certification Programs for coaches
  • Marketing and business training for coaches
  • An online coaching program especially for Life Coaches
  • Books and products for coaches

We also have training facilities in Dallas, Houston, and several other cities.  We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality NLP and Life Coach trainings., and to providing ongoing support for our certified coaches.

The president and senior trainer of the NLP & Coaching Institute is Alexander Van Buren. We have been a Life Coach Training Institute for more than 20 years.


About The Founder

Life Coach Training Institute founder Alexander Van BurenAlexander Van Buren has been a life coach, business, and executive coach for the past 25 years and has been teaching NLP and life coaching for the past 19 years. He has a passion for helping people achieve personal and professional quantum leaps.

Alexander is a certified Master Practitioner, trainer, and innovator of NLP. He has trained with Richard Bandler, and many other well known NLP trainers. His original change patterns and therapeutic interventions have been published in Anchor Point Magazine, The Source Book of Magic, and The Big Book of NLP along with other publications.

He is the founder of the NLP & Coaching Institute and the author of This OneThing and Mastering The Mental Game.

Alexander has been a featured presenter for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

His coaching clients include the past general manager and senior executives of Pulte (Del Web), and the vice president of the Moretrench Corporation. He has also coached and trained senior executives of The Blue Green Corporation, the senior executives of Paramount Home Entertainment, the director of catering for the Marriott Grand Chateau, sports legend Steve Sax and many more.

He’s been a life coach for famous singers and celebrities including the concertmaster and lead violinist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.

For more information about Alexander and his coaching background, please visit AlexanderVanBuren.com.


About Our Life Coach Training Institute

Life Coach Training Institute in Dallas

We have been teaching and certifying life coaches for more than 2 decades. 

The NLP & Coaching Institute offers Life Coach and NLP Certification trainings that have been designed to create an uncommon set of skills in the participants. They are based on

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Mindfulness
  • Many years of marketing and business experience
  • Behaviorally modeled patterns proven to be highly effective


We invite you to compare our curriculums to other available trainings. You’ll find that the skills we teach are extremely comprehensive and include important factors not present in most other types of similar training.


Programs Offered by Our Training Institute 

Life Coach Training Institute

We offer beginning and advanced courses and online coaching & support.  

Most of our training in the past has consisted of in-person live seminars. We have moved many of those trainings to the internet and they are now available online. They include

  • Audios from the live trainings
  • Comprehensive training manuals
  • Assignments and action steps to complete for certification
  • Quizzes
  • Optional Q and A with your instructor
  • Additional surprises

All of our certification trainings include original change patterns and interventions that are not available in any other training anywhere in the world.

Our Life Coach Certification Trainings are available both in a live 3-day format and also online.

See our NLP Practitioner Certification online page or our Life Coach Certification page for more details. We also offer a Professional Coach Certification which is a course on how to get Life Coach Jobs and Clients, and much more.

And be sure to check out our Life Coach Certification online. It’s a state of the art 12-week course for becoming a skilled life coach. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about our Life Coach Training Institute.

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What Participants Say


Life Coach Certification Trainings

“I learned transformational techniques on how to use language to enhance every area of my life. The demonstrations added so much value to my learning experience. This training will help anyone who wants to change their life or the lives of others through change.”
Rosaland Revels

“I learned so much about how emotions can change a situation as well as how powerful language is. I am leaving this training feeling empowered and can’t wait to empower others.”
Natalie Evans

Life Coach Certification Trainings

“My life coaching training has not only transformed my life, it will surely make a difference in the lives of everybody I have the opportunity to be of service to.”
Cindy Jacobs

“The life coach certification program was fantastic!  It offered me an in depth understanding as to how I can better serve my clients by applying the structure and techniques Alexander teaches.  I had been working from an intuitive level and struggled to motivate my clients to make changes due to my failure to recognize I needed to use their map of the world, amongst other great insights!  I would recommend this training to anyone hoping to create lasting change in their own life as well as supporting others to create change in their experiences.” Sabrina Shelton Feng Shui consultant and certified life coach

“When we brought our mom to see you, she would cry in the middle of the day and had given up her artwork. She was still grieving our father’s death a year after he passed. It still amazes me that you changed all that in one session. Now she’s her old self again. How could we ever thank you?” Jerry and Jason Misa

Life Coach Certification Trainings“This workshop was amazing. I received the entire structure of how to create a successful coaching business. Alexander is a seasoned, passionate and highly successful coach and businessman. Incredible value.”
Jeffrey Owens