This 3-Day Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO is now in its 22nd year of success!

‘How to Become a Certified Life Coach – Everything You Need To Know’
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Choosing the right certification training is important. It will have a big impact on your career, your skill level, and your success. So why do so many people choose THIS life coach certification training in Kansas City?

    • A Better, More In-Depth Curriculum
      Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOThis Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO will teach you a World Class coaching method based on NLP, the most effective change technology of our time. It’s packed with proven techniques and processes that have been working for more than 30 years for millions of people. You’ll learn a complete coaching process.


Learn NLP
Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MONLP is the change technology of our time! What is NLP and why do the best coaches use it?

You’ll learn some of the most effective NLP change processes ever devised in this training including the Visual Swish and the New Action Generator.


A Highly Experienced Coach & Teacher
Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOYour instructor has been training life coaches for over 19 years and is an innovator and certified Master Practitioner of NLP. His original therapeutic interventions have been published in Anchor point Magazine, The Big Book of NLP, and several other publications.

He has been a featured presenter for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.


Live & In-Person Trainings
Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOOur Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO is a hands-on in-person seminar that includes practice exercises with other participants. You’ll get lots of practice with other students and build in-time experience under the watchful eye of your instructor.

Your instructor will watch and coach you in person. You’ll know you’re getting it right.


Learn How to Market Your Coaching Services
Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOOn day 3 of this training you’ll receive a special handout that will show you step by step how to improve your coaching skills long after the training. Then you will learn how to build your new coaching business and get your first few clients.

  •  Think of your coaching skills as the Yin of your new career. Marketing is the Yang. Together these two skill sets will make you a successful coach.
    • Get Ongoing Support – AFTER You Graduate
      Our special Coaching For Life Coaches online coaching program is an ideal and affordable way to get the ongoing support you need after you’re certified.
    • We Have a GUARANTEE
      Many life coach certification training institutes do not offer a guarantee of any kind. Our guarantee is explained on this web page.
    • Receive Your Life Coaching Certificate
      Once you’ve completed this 3-day life coach certification training and met 80% of the participation requirements, you’ll receive your certificate as a life coach at the end of the 3rd day.
    • Everything You Need to Start Doing Coaching Sessions
      On day three of this training, you’ll receive sample contracts, coaching forms, and everything you need to begin doing professional coaching sessions, in addition to a few startup marketing tips to help get you up and running.
    • An Ideal Learning Format With Spaced Repetition
      We’ve set up our various life coaching trainings so they are spaced out. Spaced repetition is the best way to acquire real skills. This progressive sequence of training lets you go one step at a time, build upon the skills you have learned, and achieve a very high degree of mastery as a life coach.
    • Attend Future Life Coach Trainings . . . for FREE
      Once you’re a certified life coach, you are invited to attend this training again at any time in the future as our guest.
    • Plus An Extensive Course Manual
      This life coach certification training includes a comprehensive course manual with dozens of processes, scripts, and templates. It’s an ideal source of ‘GO-TO’ information for you to turn to over and over again as you practice and improve your life coaching.

What is Life Coaching? 

Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOA life coach is someone who helps people achieve their personal and professional goals.

A ‘real’ life coach knows how to be an exceptional resource to others by helping them clarify goals and action steps, identify resources, and by holding them accountable.

Ultimately, the best life coaches know how to help other people to identify limiting patterns that are holding them back, most of which their clients are not conscious of.

In addition, the best life coaches know a complete set of patterns and interventions for changing behavior, building skills and capabilities, installing more resourceful patterns and behaviors, and changing beliefs. This makes them genuine ‘agents of change’.

In this way, a certified life coach helps people to succeed and accomplish things in their lives they would not otherwise be able to achieve.


Why Become a Certified Life Coach?

When you’ve completed this Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO and are a certified life coach, you:

* Make the hours you want
* Work as much or as little as you like
* Feel great satisfaction from what you do for a living
* Charge whatever rate you want to
* Create a part-time or full-time income
* Take time off whenever you like
* Make money helping others achieve their goals and dreams
* Have clients who value and appreciate you
* Work with issues you know well and can help others with
* Expand your business into specialty coaching areas
* Create a reliable monthly income with continuity programs
* Learn techniques to apply to your own challenges, goals, and dreams


Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOCustomized life coach certification training in Kansas City.


Limited To 20 Attendees

To ensure that every student receives an optimum amount of time and feedback from the instructor, this course is limited to the first 20 people who enroll.

This Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO often sells out and we have to turn people away. We highly encourage you to enroll right now – and lock in your seat.

About OUR Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City

This unique Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City  is structured in two phases.

Phase I

is a LIVE 3-day training packed with demonstrations, practice exercises, and assignments to complete. You’ll practice more and more coaching techniques until you are doing complete coaching sessions with the other participants in the training.

Phase II

is 3-months of online coaching and support as you do 12 coaching sessions for friends or colleagues. Build your confidence and skill over time as you do 1 coaching session a week for 12 weeks. You may take longer than 12 weeks if you wish.

Once you have passed both quizzes with an 80% score or better (They are open book) and done all 12 coaching sessions, you qualify for Certification.

You may do the entire phase I portion (the 3-day training) online if you wish. The audios from the LIVE training will guide you through the curriculum and the exercises.


Day #1 – Coaching, Rapport & Outcomes

In this module you will learn:

  • The Complete 7 Step Coaching Process™
  • Advanced rapport techniques
  • State management for optimum coaching
  • Patterns for tracking unconscious blocks
  • The language that triggers resourcefulness
  • How to shift clients out of unpleasant emotions
  • The Outcome Frame for creating clarity
  • Techniques for keeping a client resourceful
  • Shape goals so they’re more likely to be achieved
  • How to recognize and eliminate ‘secondary gain’ that sabotages so many people’s goals and dreams
  • Exercises: Several exercises with other participants

Exercises: Several


Day #2 – Ecology and Resources

This module will teach you ways to make all your coaching holistic and to help your clients gain access to resources on multiple levels of change.

In this module you will learn:

  • The Ecology Process™ – for holistic change
  • The Leverage Frame™ – get others to take action
  • Advanced questioning for eliciting resources
  • Questions for identifying the underlying issue
  • How to get your client to access unconscious resources

Exercises: Several exercises with other participants
Demonstrations: Several


Day #3 – Generative Change That Lasts

This module of your life coach certification in Kansas City will show you how to make your change work generative (evolving and improving into the future) so that the changes you help your clients make last permanently.

In this module you will learn:

  • Future Pacing to make positive changes last
  • Patterns for generative change
  • The Levels of Change™ resources template
  • Handling problems and difficult issues
  • Practice complete coaching sessions with others

Exercises: Future pacing, Complete coaching sessions with other participants

Our Guarantee

Enroll in this  3-day Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO and If you decide not to attend for any reason, you may cancel anytime up to 30 days prior to the training and receive a complete refund of your paid tuition.


When, Where, and How Much

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, August 27, 28, 29  – 2021
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day.
Lunch is not provided, but several restaurants are nearby.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Kansas City Airport
11820 NW Plaza Cir, Kansas City, MO 64153 (816) 464-2424

How Much
Tuition for the entire Life Coach Certification Program which includes the 3-day LIVE training, 3-month online coaching & support, and lifetime access to the online training materials, is just $2497. We are now offering a LIMITED TIME tuition special of just $1497. 

  • 2 monthly payments of $848.50
  • Or 1 payment in advance of $1497 (You SAVE $1000)


Your Instructor

Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MOAlexander Van Buren has been a life coach and executive coach for the past 23 years and has been teaching NLP and life coaching for the past 22 years. He has a passion for helping people achieve personal and professional quantum leaps.

Alexander is a certified Master Practitioner, trainer, and innovator of NLP. His original change patterns and therapeutic interventions have been published in Anchor Point Magazine, The Source Book of Magic, and The Big Book of NLP along with other publications.

He is the founder of the NLP & Coaching Institute and the author of This One Thing and Mastering The Mental Game.

Alexander has been a featured presenter for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

His coaching clients include the past general manager and senior executives of Pulte (Del Web), and the vice president of the Moretrench Corporation. He has also coached and trained senior executives of The Blue Green Corporation, the senior executives of Paramount Home Entertainment, the director of catering for the Marriott Grand Chateau, sports legend Steve Sax and many more.

He’s been a life coach for famous singers and celebrities including the concertmaster and lead violinist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.


In Just 3 Days

By the end of these 3 days, you’ll be doing complete coaching sessions with other students and you’ll be demonstrating an amazingly high level of coaching skill. Our curriculum is far beyond what other institutes are offering. It is intentionally more in-depth than any other life coach certification training, and that will make all the difference in your coaching career.

You’ll also have a complete template for jump-starting your new life coaching business, whether you choose to do it full time or part-time.  Many of our students do life coaching part-time and create a very good income stream working just a few hours a week. A good life coach can make $100 an hour to start. Experienced life coaches can make much more.


How To Enroll

To ask questions or enroll by phone please call 972-689-3749.
Or enroll online below

Your Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City includes

– 3 days of LIVE training
– 3 months of online coaching-support-training
– Lifetime Access to the online materials
– A comprehensive course manual – over 100 pages
– Demonstrations & exercises
– Therapeutic change patterns
– Instructor feedback and assessments
BONUS 1: How to set up your new business
BONUS 2: How to get your first few clients
BONUS 3: Life Coach Success Secrets

Life Coaching Certification in Kansas City
August 27, 28, 29 – 2021
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day

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  • 3 Monthly Payments of $832.33 or 
  • 1 Payment of $2297 (You Save $200)


Have Questions? 

Feel free to call us at 972-689-3749 if you have questions about this training.
Or Send Us a Note


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Plan now to attend our Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO.

To Ensure Your Health & Safety 

The NLP & Coaching Institute follows local laws regarding COVID19, along with the recommendations put forth by the CDC, and the meeting facility’s safety policy and requirements.

Prior To The Event

  • If you are sick, have been sick, have an elevated temperature, or have been to china or level 3 countries in the past 60 days – do not come to this event. You will not be able to enter the venue. But we will credit you for another event
  • We request that ALL attendees be vaccinated against COVID 19. This is a respectful request, not a condition for attendance
  • We have booked a larger than usual meeting room so that extra space is available

Required For You To attend

  • MASKS are mandatory if you have NOT been vaccinated
  • Your trainer has received the COVID 19 vaccination
  • All attendees will be required to follow the On-Site Practices listed below

On-Site Practices

  • Wear a mask throughout the entire event if you have not been vaccinated
  • Follow the 6-feet-apart rule
  • This is a ‘No Touching’ event
  • Some training modules may be conducted outdoors when possible
  • Wash your hands frequently – during breaks and during the lunch break
  • Cover your mouth when you cough


The NLP & Coaching Institute’s Life Coach Certification Training in Kansas City, MO


When: Sept. 10, 11, 12 – 2021
Then: 3+ months online follow-up
Time: 10am – 5pm each day
Where: Airport Marriott Kansas City
Safety: See notes on this page
Regular Tuition:  $1497
Payment Plans: Yes
Discounts: Yes
Guarantee: 100%
Enroll by phone: 972-689-3749
Enroll Online: Enroll Here

You Will Receive

◊ 3 Days of LIVE training
◊ 3+ Months of online follow-up
◊ Lifetime access to online materials
◊ Quizzes and online Q and A

◊ A comprehensive course manual
◊ Demonstrations & exercises
◊ Therapeutic change patterns
◊ Instructor feedback and assessments

How to set up your new business

Life Coach Success Secrets

What Participants Say 


Life Coach Certification “Your coaching has been a measurable benefit to me from our very first call. Your information is timely, relevant, and in manageable steps that can be implemented to increase your business immediately.”
Kenny Chapman


“A fantastic training with several great insights. Highly recommended.”
Richard Randall

Life Coach Certification Testimonial

“By the end of the 3rd day of the life coach certification, I was a brand new person. Finally, I have the resources I need to structure the best possible outcomes for myself and others. I’m excited to begin my new journey with my new abilities. Thank you Alexander!”
Ken Green

“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7 figure year.” Your coaching has been incredibly valuable. 
Dan J. – Real Estate Consultant

“I have had the pleasure of having Alex Van Buren as my coach for six months. In that time frame, I have made great strides with the goals that were set for business and pleasure. As a person in sales, my self-confidence has increased tremendously. I also find my ability to effectively speak with clients and prospective clients much simpler and with greater efficiency. A personal habit that I thought was going to be extremely difficult has been overcome. This change has helped my health tremendously. Alex has made a huge difference in this short time frame, I look forward to accomplishing the rest of my goals very soon.”
T Riddell

Life Coach Certification Testimonial

“This three day training really helped me to personalize the NLP skills in my practice. This class gave me new insights, a fresh perspective on what I need to do next and how to apply the NLP skills in any environment today. Alexander shows his passion for this field and gives you his professional guidance to be outstanding. Thank you for this experience.”
Barbara Scott


“If you’re looking for a teacher, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than Alexander Van Buren. Great teachers are very rare, and Alexander is one of them! I have been working with him for a year now, and I have been able to change completely. Today, I am much more who I want to be, and can do more than I have ever been able to achieve before. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve with Alexander.”
Susan Brown – Day Trader & Futures Trader

Life Coach Certification Testimonial

“This training provides a structured set of tools that will help me and my potential clients to clarify and achieve desired outcomes.”

Life Coach Certification Testimonial

“Alexander made the concepts on NLP very clear and concise. His teaching style was influential, while really creating an entertaining environment. The energy was high and the curriculum was masterful. I would definitely attend another course in the future.”
Ryan Baller

Life Coach Certification Testimonial

“I learned transformational techniques on how to use language to enhance every area of my life. The demonstrations added so much value to my learning experience. This training will help anyone who wants to change their life or the lives of others through change.”
Rosaland Revels

“Not only did Alexander do a phenomenal job in teaching me many concepts that will greatly improve my business, but he went beyond helping me with my business into teaching me how to thrive in my life balance as well. He made sure I understood to balance everything important to me, such as making time for my health, family, and leisure time, so that I could be more balanced in my life and not stressed out with overworking myself with my business. He inspired me to take many actions to improve both my business and the quality of my life that I would have been ignorant or hesitant to take otherwise. His program was a real life changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Sue Paananen
Business Owner

“I learned so much about how emotions can change a situation as well as how powerful language is. I am leaving this training feeling empowered and can’t wait to empower others.”
Natalie Evans

I completed my certification last July and during the class, I received comprehensive training.
It is one of the best training I’ve ever received in my career life. I highly recommend it to everyone who is serving the community: non-profit, for-profit, community-based organization, academia, etc. Also, it is good training for those who want to continuously evolve in their life,i.e.. undergoing self-transformation to become better from what they were before or those who are planning to dive into a new career. The NLP & Coaching Institute of Colorado is a great institute to be connected with.
Lynn Lonzanida, MPH CCRP.

Life Coach Certification Dallas

“My life coaching training has not only transformed my life, it will surely make a difference in the lives of everybody I have the opportunity to be of service to.”
Cindy Jacobs

“The life coach certification program was fantastic!  It offered me an in depth understanding as to how I can better serve my clients by applying the structure and techniques Alexander teaches.  I had been working from an intuitive level and struggled to motivate my clients to make changes due to my failure to recognize I needed to use their map of the world, amongst other great insights!  I would recommend this training to anyone hoping to create lasting change in their own life as well as supporting others to create change in their experiences.” Sabrina Shelton Feng Shui consultant and certified life coach

“This workshop was amazing. I received the entire structure of how to create a successful coaching business. Alexander is a seasoned, passionate and highly successful coach and businessman. Incredible value.”
Jeffrey Owens

“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. And I took my wife to France and we hung out with the Tour-De-France cyclists, so I guess that qualifies as the lifestyle piece. That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!
Dr. Chris Pellow, Pellow Family Chiropractic

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