How To Get Coaching Clients 


Create An Ongoing Stream Of New Coaching Clients,
Begin Making Great Money As A Life Coach,
And Find DREAM Clients Who Cherish and Value You


All With Little or No Money Required!

How To Get Coaching Clients 

The most important thing to focus on right after you become certified as a Life Coach  – is getting clients.

The biggest mistake I see newly certified life coaches make is to try to do all the marketing themselves.

They try to get clients without any experience in marketing, without any training or support, and without help from an experienced coach who already knows how to get clients. 

Remember: Your life coach education is not complete until you

  1. Get good at the coaching
  2. Get good at the marketing

Because I feel this is so important, I offer newly certified life coaches my signature course and online training for getting clients. It is packed with over 100 audios, step-by-step instructions, a workbook, a training manual, and 3 amazing BONUSES. Plus you will receive over-the-top support from the NLP & Coaching Institute. 

This special course is IDEAL for newly certified life coaches. It is designed to help you focus on learning how to get clients and how to have fun doing it. 

  Learn LOW-Cost and NO-Cost ways to get lots of coaching clients
  Have people calling you and emailing you to inquire about your coaching
  A four-step formula for raising your coaching fees and getting paid more
  Complete language and scripts to transition someone from interested to CLIENT
  Online ways to get clients & Offline ways to get clients
  Make getting clients fun and easier to do 
  Get tons of referrals without even asking for them
  Create Continuity Coaching Packages so you have a guaranteed monthly income
  And much more



When you purchase this course, you will receive 3 special BONUSES: 

  1. A course on how to make six figures a year doing phone / online coaching
  2. The Marketing Mindset – mini-course
  3. The Personal Life Plan Template 

The Dream Client Matrix

You’ll also receive a second online course called The Dream Client Matrix. 

There is simply nothing like having DREAM clients. 

Most coaches don’t realize how incredible coaching is when you have DREAM clients

They don’t really know how to get them.

It requires a special nack and a set of techniques to get real DREAM clients. They don’t just show up.

DREAM coaching clients are not the same as GOOD coaching clients. There is no comparison. 

To get real DREAM clients, you have to

-> Know how to who they are
-> Know
where exactly to find them
-> Know precisely how to approach and engage them
-> Know how to enroll them
-> Know how to keep them

Having your dream clients will change your entire attitude towards coaching. 

Without them, coaching can become difficult and tedious. Clients can become demanding and unappreciative. 

Your DREAM Clients

  • Are the MOST fun to coach
  • Appreciate you more
  • Make use of your unique strengths and gifts
  • PAY you more, often a LOT more 
  • Refer people to you without even being asked
  • Are better students
  • Value your knowledge and wisdom 
  • Are more committed to coaching and being coached – so they’re more engaged


Having Your Dream Clients

  • Takes 95% of the hassles out of being a coach
  • Makes coaching a LOT more fun
  • Automatically keeps your passion and interest up as a coach
  • Gives you a much greater sense of success and self-esteem
  • Makes you more money – often a LOT more money
  • Will inspire you to bring out your best for them


The Dream Client Matrix 

NLP based life coaching coursesThis is my complete FOUR-PART formula and course for getting and keeping your dream clients.

A figure 4 is also called a matrices or MATRIX.  Of course, the term also stands for ‘An Alternate Reality’. 

This mini-course will teach you everything you need to know to attract extraordinary clients beyond anything you thought possible. And, you will learn how to keep them. 

Today, my DREAM clients call me from all over the world and pay me as much as $833 an hour to coach them over the phone. They make coaching easier and more enjoyable than I could ever put into words. Some of them have been with me for 11 years, and counting! 


Your Special Offer

This is a special 1-time offer for all of you who have ‘Just-Become-Certified’. 
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Here is what you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS To:

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  • The Dream Client Matrix:          Current Price $497
  • BONUS 1  The Marketing Mindset          Value   $297
  • BONUS 2  6 Figure Phone Coaching      Value    $1,497
  • BONUS 3  Personal Life Plan Template  Value   $197
  • Plus Our Over-The-Top Support              Value   $5,000         

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How To Get Coaching Clients, and The Dream Client Matrix, Plus 3 BONUSES,
and Lifetime Access To All The Online Materials 

A $9,985 Value For Just $795

Alexander Van Buren
The NLP & Coaching Institute

P.S.  Please remember to act ASAP before your COUPON expires.
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You’ll be glad you did.