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Special Introductory Coaching Package

Your Introductory Coaching Package Includes

  Three 1-hour phone coaching sessions with Alexander Van Buren
  An optional email exchange after each session
  Suggested assignments and action steps
  Review of your assignments
  NLP change patterns and interventions
  Possible use of handouts when appropriate


To Get Started

By enrolling in this coaching package you are agreeing to the Coaching Terms below.
You are also agreeing to pay for all three sessions, one at a time.
When you’re ready to begin:

  Please read the coaching terms below.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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Be sure to pay for each session at least 24 hours prior to the session.
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I’m very much looking forward to our sessions!

Alexander Van Buren


A Single 1-Hour Phone Coaching Session



Coaching Terms & Conditions

  1. You Agree to Pay
    You agree to pay for 3 coaching sessions at a rate of $300 each. A $35 administration fee will be charged for all NSF and denied credit card authorizations and late payments.


  1. Sessions Details
    You will receive three 1-hour phone coaching sessions and three email exchanges with Alexander Van Buren.  Email exchanges must be used the week of the coaching session or the week after the session. They may not be ‘built up’ for a later time. I.E. Use them within 2 weeks or lose them. 


  1. Cancellation & No Show
    All coaching session packages are nonrefundable and paying for your first session is a binding contract between us. By paying for your first session you are agreeing to pay for all three sessions. If you miss a session (not previously re-scheduled up to 24 hours before the sessions) for any reason other than an act of God, the session may not be rescheduled. All sessions must be completed within 6 months after paying for the first session. 


  1. Rescheduling Policy
    You may reschedule previously scheduled phone coaching sessions with 24 hours notice via email or phone.  After that, they may not be rescheduled and are non-refundable. 


  1. Payment
    All coaching sessions must be paid at least 24 hours prior to the session. Simply return to this page and use the shopping cart above. 


  1. Phone Coaching Sessions
    The client is responsible for calling at the scheduled phone coaching time. The number is 972-689-3749.


  1. Scheduling
    Alexander will make his schedule available so as to allow for a coaching session at least once every week or two weeks.  Please ask him for his availability.  Do not make your schedule available to him first. Please lock in an open date at your earliest convenience to keep the momentum going.
    SPECIFIC TIME: While it’s not required, it’s always a good idea to choose a specific time and day, every couple of weeks – and stick with it. If you can let alexander know certain times that work for you, he will do his best to accommodate a convenient time and day of the week for you. 


  1. No Further Commitment Is Required
    You are not obligated to do any further coaching not included in your chosen coaching package.


  1. Not Therapy
    All sessions are for the purpose of vocational or non-vocational self-improvement only and do not constitute therapy of any kind.


  1. You are Responsible For Results
    You are responsible for any and all actions that you may decide to take as a result of your coaching sessions. There is no guarantee of results or income as a result of these sessions. You agree to release Alexander Van Buren and Alexander Industries Inc. and all its agents and staff from any personal, physical or financial liability incurred during or as a result of your coaching sessions.


  1. Handouts
    All handouts are the intellectual property of Alexander Van Buren and are copyrighted. They are for your individual use only. 


  1. Recordings
    No recording is permitted with my permission. These sessions will NOT be recorded by Alexander.