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Become a Certified Life Coach at one of our LIVE certification trainings or
entirely online with audios, assignments, coaching, and step-by-step instructions.

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Become a Certified Life Coach at LifeCoachAlexander.com

The NLP & Coaching Institute offers two ways to become a certified life coach: One is with LIVE training, the other is entirely online.

Start your Life Coach Certification by taking these 3 steps:

Choose LIVE or ONLINE certification training.

Enroll and lock in your seat.

Get immediate access and begin your journey.


Life Coach Certification Training – Online 

Become a Certified Life Coach through our online program. 

Life Coach Alexander's online trainings

Become a Certified Life Coach online.

This training is delivered entirely online and will provide you with the same skills as our live certification training.

Learn an extraordinary 7-step coaching process and then practice it in coaching sessions with friends and colleagues. It’s an ideal way to build your confidence and skill as a coach. You will have the advantage of going at your own pace and taking as much time as you like to complete the course. Plus, you’ll receive coaching and support online.

You’ll log in to Life Coach Alexander .com to gain access to your complete training materials. You get lifetime access. You will be required to complete specific assignments and pass two open-book quizzes in order to qualify for certification. You get:

      • Course audios with step by step instructions
      • A 100-page downloadable course manual
      • Weekly Assignments with action steps and progress reports
      • Ask your instructor questions via online Q and A
      • Special bonuses

Time to Complete: 12 Weeks -> 
Certified Life Coach

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Life Coach Certification Training – LIVE

Life Coach Alexander's Certification Trainings

We present our Life Coach Certification training LIVE in 15 cities across the United States.

Our in-person life coach certification begins with Life Coach Alexander’s signature 3-day training presented in person near you. Now in its 22nd year of success, this training will teach you an in-depth world-class 7-step coaching process. It’s what separates our certification training from all the rest.

In 3 action-packed days you will experience:

  • Practice exercises
  • A 100-page training manual
  • Demonstrations and coaching
  • Quizzes
  • BONUSES for setting up your business, getting your first clients, and life coaching tips
  • Over the top support

After you have completed this training you will be given access to our special online portal. There you will receive coaching and support as you do 12 coaching sessions with friends or colleagues. You can even do these coaching sessions OVER THE PHONE!

After doing 12 coaching sessions you will have a high degree of confidence and skill at the 7-step coaching process. You will then be Certified as a Life Coach by the NLP & Coaching Institute.

Seating is limited and most of our LIVE trainings sell out.

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“When I first met life coach Alexander I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7 figure year.

Your phone coaching has been incredibly valuable.” 

Dan J.


“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income.

And I took my wife to France and we hung out with the Tour-De-France cyclists, so I guess that qualifies as the lifestyle piece.

That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!”

Dr. Chris Pellow, Pellow Family Chiropractic


Start & Run A Profitable And Successful Coaching Business

Learn how to market your coaching business and get lots of clients 

This course is state-of-the-art marketing training for coaches. If you’re a business coach, life coach, health coach, or executive coach, this training is for you. It will show you how to set up your business, get clients, and run the day-to-day operations of a successful and profitable coaching business. 

The Course includes

  • LOW cost and NO cost marketing methods
  • Online marketing techniques from world-class internet marketers
  • Audios and step by step instructions
  • Over the top customer/student support
  • A mini-course for coaching people over the phone and online
  • Proven referral systems that require little effort and cost nothing
  • Language for transitioning prospects into coaching clients
  • The Marketing Mindset – how to think like a marketer
  • How to make marketing fun

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And Much More!

More resources from Life Coach Alexander:

  • Weekly Quantum Leap Coaching using NLP change processes
  • A special VIP COACHING For COACHES program for our aspiring and certified coaches
  • Plus The Ideal Client Matrix for finding and keeping your dream clients
  • A special Facebook group and community of coaches
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training
  • Language for Life Coaches training
  • More at ALifeCoachCertification.com 


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Life Coach Certification Training
& Breakthrough Coaching Plan


Is Being A Life Coach The Right Career For You?



What Participants Say


Life Coach Alexander Certification

“I learned transformational techniques on how to use language to enhance every area of my life. The demonstrations added so much value to my learning experience. This training will help anyone who wants to change their life or the lives of others through change.”
Rosaland Revels

“Not only did Alexander do a phenomenal job in teaching me many concepts that will greatly improve my business, but he went beyond helping me with my business into teaching me how to thrive in my life balance as well. He made sure I understood to balance everything important to me, such as making time for my health, family, and leisure time, so that I could be more balanced in my life and not stressed out with overworking myself with my business. He inspired me to take many actions to improve both my business and the quality of my life that I would have been ignorant or hesitant to take otherwise. His program was a real life changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Sue Paananen
Business Owner

Life Coach Alexander Certification

“I learned so much about how emotions can change a situation as well as how powerful language is. I am leaving this training feeling empowered and can’t wait to empower others.”
Natalie Evans

Life Coach Alexander Certification in Dallas TX

“My life coaching training has not only transformed my life, it will surely make a difference in the lives of everybody I have the opportunity to be of service to.”
Cindy Jacobs

“The life coach certification program was fantastic!  It offered me an in depth understanding as to how I can better serve my clients by applying the structure and techniques Alexander teaches.  I had been working from an intuitive level and struggled to motivate my clients to make changes due to my failure to recognize I needed to use their map of the world, amongst other great insights!  I would recommend this training to anyone hoping to create lasting change in their own life as well as supporting others to create change in their experiences.” Sabrina Shelton Feng Shui consultant and certified life coach

“This workshop was amazing. I received the entire structure of how to create a successful coaching business. Alexander is a seasoned, passionate, and highly successful coach and businessman. Incredible value.”
Jeffrey Owens


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